"Appreciation Marketing Systems For Local Offline Businesses"

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"Covid-19 Has Exposed Why Appreciation Marketing + Wise Online Reputation Management = Long-Term Customer-Patient-Client Gratitude, Loyalty & Growth For Your Business... What You Are About To Learn Will Show You How!"

Introduction To "Appreciation Marketing"

The Law of Reciprocity... "Give, And It Shall Be Given Unto You; Good Measure, Pressed Down, And Shaken Together, And Running Over, Shall Men Give Into Your Bosom" - Luke 6:38

When was the last time you’ve shown, not told, your patients, clients or customers that you appreciate their business? Sadly, these days, showing appreciation has become a lost and dying art. Back in the not so distant pass, local businesses and salespeople would give inexpensive high perceived value gifts, similar to what we are presenting, to show appreciation, then ask for referral; which consumer, like myself, often gladly did. But in this modern computer and internet age the “Law of Reciprocity” has nearly come to an end,  especially for local offline businesses and salespeople. However, offline consumers, patients and clients would still appreciate a sincere “Thank You” and gift, just like they enjoyed them 20, 30 and 40 years ago.

Appreciation demonstrates money is not your only interest. Showing appreciation makes people feel good, it motivates them to come back, and even cheerfully share your business with others. They will gladly give your business glowing online reviews, if asked and made easy; the importance of reviews will be seen below. The following system will help you do more than simply say “Thank You”; it will help SHOW your appreciation; while simultaneously and publicly help build your online reputation. So please pay close attention, your customers, family and bank account will appreciate it.

Facts And Realities That Can Help You Both Grow & Protect Your Business

2 Powerful Solutions In 1 Automated System

Solution-1 Giving Something Of Real Value

Not Your Ordinary Gifts & Incentives

$500 Savings Card Certificate – This allows you to purchase a total of $500 (face value) in discounts, coupons and savings. Categories include: Dining, Movies, Theme Parks, Sports Events, Travel, Groceries, and more. Over 300,000 local deals, 70,000 local and national chain restaurants. Save 10-50% off your restaurant bills.

Worldwide Hotels Discounts Club Certificate – Save Up To 75% Off the Rack Rate At Over 1,000,000 Hotels & Resorts Locations! These discounts are not available to the general public, call centers, calling hotels direct, or even big name brand travel sites like Travelocity, Expedia, Kayak, Hotwire, Booking.com and Priceline.

Solution-2 Automated Reputation Building & Management

"Just One(1)Negative Online Review Could Totally Destroy A Small Local Business!"


“Google is the review site of choice. 63.6% of consumers say they are likely to check online reviews on Google before visiting a business… far more than any other review site.” – ReviewTrackers.com

Realities Every Local Business Owner Should Know

"Online Reviews Are Extremely Critical To The Success, Or Downfall, Of Any Offline Local Business; Especially Small Consumer Services Businesses and Real Estate Agents"

Regardless of whether your company has a company website, Facebook or Twitter page or not, people are probably talking about your business through online comments or reviews. For this reason we have listed the following statistics in order to inform and alert you of the critical importance of online reviews for local offline businesses. For the sake of your company's longevity, financial security, reputation, success and future growth, we highly recommend you read the statistics and other information carefully, then take some kind of positive actions to build, protect and keep up with (monitor) you and your company's online reputation. Seeing that Google is the #1 place people search for local businesses and services, we also recommend you signup for our quick "FREE Google My Business Video eCourse", or at the very least download our "FREE Google My Business Guide". You will learn how to claim and setup your FREE Google Maps listing. The basic setup is free and you or one of your staff can do this without cost.

This is well worth repeating and remembering… “Just One(1)Negative Online Review Could Totally Destroy A Small, And Any Other Size, Local Business; Even Yours!”

Systematically Catch Negative Google Reviews Before They Are Posted!

"That's A Strategy Every Local Offline Business Should Incorporate!"

How Our Google Reviews System Work

System Ratings Page


System Feedback Page


If your visitors select 3 stars or less… they will be automatically redirected to the “Feedback Page (upper right image)”. Content of the feedback form will be forwarded to you as soon as the form is submitted. This way you or your staff can handle the point of dissatisfaction or problem before the review is posted.

If your visitors select 4 or 5 stars… they will be automatically redirected to the “Google Page Review Popup (below image)” so they can leave positive reviews . This is the ideal way to manage both positive and negative reviews. Please take a few minutes to reread  the above benefits of Google reviews.

Google Review Input Page


Above Reviews System Demo: Below is a button that will open a demo of the above reviews system. First start by selecting 3 stars or less, then click the “Submit” button. This will automatically redirected you to the “Feedback Page”. Submitted content in the feedback form will be forwarded to you or your staff as soon as the form is submitted. Selecting 4 or 5 stars will take your visitor to your Google listing for review submission. Start your demo by clicking the following button (please don’t submit an actual review). After completing the demo, click the “Return To Gift Page” link at the bottom of the review page to return here.

As you have seen through the demo... This Awesome System Increases Your Positive Reviews... While At The Same Time Greatly Reducing The Chances Of Negative Ones... As An Added Bonus... The System Gives You Or Your Staff The Opportunity To Improve Your Customer Service Through The Feedback Feature!

It All Starts With A Reliable Old-School Practice... A Personalized Website Address... A QR-Code... And You Or Your Staff Continuing To Do What You Are Already Doing

Most businesses know they NEED a Constantly Growing Number of Good Recently Posted Reviews... A High Star Rating... and a Good Customer Feedback System... but don’t know where to start...

What you have read, seen and heard to this point is extremely important to your business growth and protection, but it all might seem a bit overwhelming to you. The reality is most of what you have seen and read is automated through our system, after we have set it up for you. However, you and your staff do have a small, simple, easy, and sometimes enjoyable part to play.

Unlike online businesses, your local offline business probably survives off of mostly face-to-face contact: office visits, salon and spa appointments, home services improvement and repair visits, health and medical appointments, and so on.  Therefore, you can easily start your system by simply handing out or displaying appreciation posters or half-sheet flyers.

Old-School Principles Still Work!

For Budget Conscious Business Owners And Professionals With Dreams Of Growing... And Protecting Their Online Reputation

I remember when local stores, restaurants, and pizza shops use to add paper flyers in carryout bags, taped them to pizza boxes, laid them on countertops, or simply handed them to customers as they were leaving the business. Why not us the same principles to help grow your business, while simultaneously growing, building and improving your valuable online reviews and reputation.

Personalized Printer\Copy Posters & Handout Flyers

Full Sheet 8.5×11 Poster

Half Sheet 5.5×8.5 Handout Flyers


(Click The Images To Enlarge)

Restaurants, and pizza shops can use to add paper flyers in carryout bags, or taped to pizza boxes; maybe your business can do the same. Contractors of all types can hand them to customers after completing jobs. Insurance companies and other professional offices who’s clients visits their offices can have the half-sheet flyers laying on countertops or tables, or hand them to clients as they leave.

In-home nursing and elderly care professionals, maids and home cleaning services, and any other continuous in-home care service providers could and should hand these posters and flyers to clients and customers as appreciation gifts. Remember, even as an indiviual providing home services, you should have a Google listing under you name to build and maintain your online reputation. Positive reviews will help get you more clients.

Salons, spas, barber shops, massage therapist, fitness gyms, and other health, beauty, and fitness businesses should have these posters, flyers hanging and laying around their shops. Auto repair shops and services should do the same.

Here is an amazing idea for most dental, chiropractic and medical offices. Most of these practices has a staff member at the exiting door of their examination areas, for appointment purposes and safety reasons. Why not use this opportunity to show your patients your sincere gratitude, by having that staff member cheerfully thank your patients for being a patient, while handing them one of your personalized full or half-sheet flyers? REMEMBER: You pay no extra, regardless of how many patients, clients or customers you have who take advantage of your personalized flyers or posters.

Once you have signed up, we will provide you, if requested, with your FREE personalized printable copy of the above posters and flyers. We will personalize both the QR-Code and the website address. These posters and flyers can be printed in your office printer (color or black toner), or taken to local print and copy shops like Staples, Office Depot, OfficeMax, among others, for cheap fast printing or coping. The half-sheet flyers can also be be cut in office, or local copy or print shops. Please allow us up to 3 days, depending on our workload, to get everything to you. We will email your printable copies when we have completed them.

2 Optional Ideas Or Practices That Will Also Work

1. If your company use postal mailings such as billing and reminders, you can add your personalized gift web address to them (https://thankugift.us/???). Or you could simply insert a poster or flyer in the envelopes.

2. If you have a customers, patients or clients email list, you could add your personalized gift address to the emails. The email could be as simple as:

Hello (Their First Name),

We sincerely appreciate you doing business with us. To show our appreciation we have arranged for you to receive a special gift we think you will appreciate and value. Simply visit: https://thankugift.us/???.

Thanks again for choosing us,
Your Name
Your Company Name
(Optional Phone Number)

That’s how simple it is to start… No pressure for you or your staff… With the ThankUGift posters and flyers it’s as simple as saying, “Thanks for doing business with us, here’s a gift just to show our appreciation.” Then watch your customers, clients or patients faces light up; after all, they are not use to local businesses and professionals giving them anything. The outcome of their response and appreciation will often result with glowing reviews through your ThankUGift system.

The Advertising Growth System!

"FREE $500 Shopping Certificate" Equals More Bang For Your Advertising & Promotions Bucks!

FREE… The Most Powerful Word In Marketing! For centuries individuals and businesses have used the word “FREE” to help motivate people to do, buy or participate in an abundance things; especially in the sales, marketing, and advertising arena. Do you advertise your services in local newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, billboards, or other local media? Simply adding the words “FREE Savings Certificate” or,  “FREE $500 Shopping Card”, or “FREE $500 Shopping Card Certificate”, or “FREE Hotels Discounts Club”, or “FREE Resorts Discounts Club”, or “FREE Hotels & Resorts Discounts Club” could help double or triple your adverting responses; at minimal added advertising expense, if any.

I am sure your company is not the only local company in your niche advertising in your local area, so what are you doing to stand out from the crowd? Adding the word “FREE” could be the one thing that produces greater responses. By using the above few simple words you will start to receive more calls and leads than you ever thought possible. This unique system makes it all work for you, at a cost even startup companies can afford.

HOW THE SIMPLE AD RESPONSE SYSTEM WORK – When your prospective customers, clients or patients call, your staff can thank them for calling, hopefully setup and appointment, and then ask for their email address so you can send them your personalized system’s web address, or simply give it to them over the phone. If they visit your website, we provide you with image link buttons so they can be forwarded to your ThankUGift System. That’s the simplicity of the system!


This is truly an amazing new revolutionary system that could: 

All of this for a small fee that every business can afford.  SIGNUP TODAY!  

Local offline businesses who can benefit the most...

Medical & Health Professionals & Practices • Chiropractors • Dental Practices • Orthodontist Practices • Attorneys & Law Firms • Fitness Centers • Contractors & Builders • Salons & Spas • Financial Services Professionals • Auto Dealers • Auto Repair Services • Telephone Salespeople • Insurance Agents & Agencies • Real Estate Professionals & Agencies • Accountants • Optometrist • Eye Care Centers • Mortgage Brokers • Consultants Of All Types • Veterinarians • Pet Care Services • Personal Trainers • Car Care Services • Lawn Care Services • Landscaping Services • Dermatologist • Massage Therapist • Sports Therapist • Barber Shops • Hair & Nail Salons • Elderly Care Services • Child Care Services • Public & Private Schools • Martial Arts & Other Classes • Churches • Civic Groups & Organizations • Internet Professionals • And all other professionals and professions who could lose potential profits, customers-clients-patients, and personal or business reputations because of a small number of online reviews, or detrimental negative online reviews!

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