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You were automatically assigned an affiliate ID and referral link for ThankUGift when you signed up for our FREE or above membership. As stated in our “Affiliate Agreement” when you arrived at this page, you will receive a 20% referral fee of the initial payment only for everyone you refer and become a paid member. If you didn’t read the agreement highly advise you read it, simply reload this page to read it before accepting the terms. Every time you revisit this page the agreement will popup again, we are sorry about this, but it is required. Below you will find important details about your referral activity, and some helpful referral tools.

Paypal Affiliate Payment Distribution

In order to receive “Affiliate Payment Distributions” you must have a personal or business Paypal account, both are totally free and secure. If you don’t already have a Paypal account, you can get details and create an account by clicking this link “Paypal Detail“.

It would be extremely helpful if your Paypal email is the same email that you signed up for this site. You can change your email address by clicking here to edit your account email. The link will open in a new window or tab, once you have changed your email, you can close that window or tab to return here, or simply click the “Affiliate” link in the top menu. Seeing that you were automatically assigned an affiliate ID and referral link when you signed up for a free or paid membership, your email automatically become your Paypal email. Though we will have your Paypal email, Paypal never gives us, or anyone else, access to your Paypal account.

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The most effective and profitable way to use these social share buttons is to login and share them at least 2 or 3 times per week. Another way to share on all social share sites, in emails, in advertising, and other printed communications is to use your above affiliate address to do the sharing. You can even share it over the phone.

Email Invitations

Invite business owner and salespeople family, friends and associates by email. You can enter multiple email addresses by comma separating them in the email field.