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ThankUGift Affiliate Program Introduction

Thank you for your interest in our Affiliate Program

Our affiliate program is simple and to the point. If you refer our ThankUGift System, which includes a few other services, we will reward you with a 20% referral fee for any and all of the services. This does not include the “RankPay” and “RepWarn” services because they are not operated or owned by LWJ Marketing Solutions, ThankUGift or TrueReview Systems.

You will be automatically assigned an affiliate ID and referral link for ThankUGift.net when you sign up for either of our FREE or above memberships. You will receive a 20% referral fee of the “initial payment only” for everyone you refer and become a paid member. Referral will be calculated monthly, then paid for the previous month. All payments will be paid through Paypal, therefore, you must have a Paypal account to receive payment.

As a free or paid ThankUGift member you will access to our affiliate account details page, which will contain your affiliate activity, referral link, and some helpful referral tools.

We highly advise you read and accept our affiliate agreement, which will popup every time you access the affiliate details page. Every time you revisit this page the agreement will popup again, we are sorry about this, but it is required.

To get started, simply signup for the below “FREE Local Biz Builders” membership, or either of the paid memberships, you will automatically become an affiliate.  Select your membership by clicking the “Text Header” area.

ThankUGift Appreciation System Pricing & Signup

Select Your Payment Cycle
Select Your Payment Cycle
Select Your Payment Cycle
Select Your Payment Cycle
ThankUGift Appreciation Marketing System Signup
The information given below will be used for account creation and to personalize your ThankUGift system. Because of the nature of our travel, vacation and discounts certificates, we must restrict the use of our system to United States companies only. All setups are done manually, please allow up to 72 hours for completion.
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    Appreciation Page Setup Info

    The following fields are for appreciation page setup purposes. Make sure all fields are accurate. If you want a coupon added to your page, please complete those fields.
    Ex: 1-999-555-1212
    Ex: 123 Main St. (Address, City, State, Zip for gift page setup and map)
    (Ex: https://YourSite.com)
    What you call people you perform service for.
    Select your giveaway gift certificate.
    What name to use in certificate Compliments of.
    Use your primary number if no separate number.
    Email to forward less than 4-star feedback to.
    Second email to forward reviews feedback to.
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    Payment Summary

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    What local offline businesses can benefit the most from this new system...

    Medical & Health Offices • Chiropractors • Dental Offices • Attorneys & Law Firms • Fitness Centers • Salons & Spas • Financial Services Offices • Repair Shops • Contractors & Builders • Auto Dealers • Major Purchases Salespeople • Insurance Agencies • Real Estate Agents • Accountants • Optometrist • Eye Care Centers • Mortgage Brokers • Veterinarians • Pet Care Services • Personal Trainers • Car Care Services • Lawn Care Services • Landscaping Services • Dermatologist • Massage Therapist • Sports Therapist • Barber Shops • Hair Salons • Elderly Care Services • Child Care Services • Martial Arts & Other Classes • and many more!

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