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The Law of Reciprocity... "Give, And It Shall Be Given Unto You; Good Measure, Pressed Down, And Shaken Together, And Running Over, Shall Men Give Into Your Bosom" - Luke 6:38

When was the last time you’ve shown, not told, your patients, clients, customers or prospects that you appreciate their business, or their time, or them opening their door to let you give your presentation or proposal? Sadly, these days, showing appreciation has become a lost and dying art. Back in the not so distant pass, local businesses and salespeople would give inexpensive high perceived value gifts, similar to what we are presenting, to show appreciation, then ask for referral; which consumer, like myself, often gladly did. But in this modern computer and internet age the “Law of Reciprocity” has nearly come to an end,  especially for local offline businesses and salespeople. However, offline consumers, customers, patients and clients would still appreciate a sincere “Thank You” and gift; just like they enjoyed them 20, 30, 40 and 50 years and more ago. A few local dentist offices still practice this with children and some mentally challenged patients, but not with adults. The dental offices that do, have patients looking forward to a return visit. Think about that.

Not Your Ordinary Gifts & Incentives


Vacations & Travel... The Incentives Of Choice!

Why Travel Gifts & Incentives?

While there are many other incentive programs, such as merchandise giveaways or cash prizes, many people love to travel, which is why travel certificates make such great incentives. Although people enjoy cash giveaways, they tend to be quite expensive for businesses to fund, and products can be a difficult choice as well, since it is difficult to know what people really want. The great thing about using travel certificates is that almost everyone enjoys traveling, even if it just a few days getaway.

Travel is considered to be the most effective reward.

According to the result of an email survey conducted by CMI, 58% say travel is more effective than cash or merchandise. Survey respondents consider travel to be the most effective reward. (Incentive Travel Fact Book)

“Cash bonuses are necessary but travel is a higher perceived reward,” says Verizon’s Porterfield. Additionally, in a recent survey of American workers, 85% said they were motivated by vacation travel incentives.

Travel has a universal appeal and high-perceived value.

USA Today, on their recent survey, stated that “93% preferred travel over other incentives.” This is because vacation travel is something that some or most people would not be able to get for themselves.

Happy Employees Are The Best Employees

These days very few small businesses can afford to give their employees insurance and other incentives like they once could. But no doubt they would enjoy a vacation, so more than likely this will motivate them to work towards this goal. Businesses that use travel certificates as incentives for their  staff and employees generally see a great increase in the amount of productivity.

Another question asked on the Wirthlin Worldwide Research 2003 survey was “Suppose your employer wanted to reward your work performance. What would you find most rewarding?”

    • 88% – indicated a trip they plan and take with a companion to the destination of their choice
    • 55% – indicated a trip planned for them and a companion of choice with their co-workers
    • 59% – indicated a trip planned just for them and their co-workers

Using our incentive certificates program can help you increase your employees and staff productivity and mental well being, which will increase your profits, and employees happy as well.

Vacations & Travel Are Great... But We Have More!

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Instruction For Viewing And Reading Certificates

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In order to view and read the following certificate samples, click the certificate image then a popup will appear. In the top-right of the popup click the "Zoom" icon, like in the above image. Then place your mouse or finger (if you have a touchscreen), then click and hold your mouse to move the enlarged certificate up and down in order to read that certificate"s description. To close the popup simply click the "X" in the top-right corner, or anywhere in the gray transparent are. Repeat this for every certificate you would like to read.

$1000 Restaurants & Grocery Savings

3 Day Bahamas Cruise Vacation Sample

3 Day 2 Night Hotel Getaway Sample

5 Day Hawaii Vacation Sample

3 or 4 Days Cruise Getaway

7 Day Mexico Vacation

7 Day Orlando Vacation

7 Day Las Vegas Getaway

7 Night Resort Vacation

All Inclusive Escape

$500 Pharmacy Discounts

Cruise Discounts Club

Ultimate Cruise Getaways

Hotel Discounts Club

Health & Wellness Club

Car Rental Discounts Club

Apartments-Homes-Villas Discount Vacation Club

Theme Parks & Attractions Discounts Club

Ultimate Online Shopping Discounts Club

NOTE: These are our printable certificates for face-to-face and offline mailing purposes. They are delivered sequentially numbered and can not be duplicated and distributed. Our ThankUGift System is uniquely suited for online distribution, plus the system helps to build your online reputation and reviews. Check it out.

Make Growing Your Business Fun And Exciting For Everyone

Not only can travel and our other certificates be used as business incentives for your customers, but you can also use them as incentives for your sale associates to bring in more sales. Offering a contest that offers travel certificates to the person with the most sales is a great way to get your team motivated. No doubt they would enjoy a vacation, so more than likely this will motivate them to work towards this goal. Businesses that use travel certificates as business incentives for their sales associates or staff generally see a great increase in the amount of sales that are being made, or staff productivity.

Contractors can hand our printed certificates as gifts to possible customers for allowing them to give appraisals; this help make you standout for your competition. If you are a contractor you can also give customers a certificate when a job is completed, then ask for referrals. This strategy use to work extremely well back in the day.  Offline salespeople, real estate and insurance agents can use the same strategies.

Whether you choose to use them for your customers, your staff, your sales associates, or even all three, no doubt you will find travel certificates to be very effective. Using these certificates can help you increase your sales, which will increase your profit margin, and they will also make your customers and employees happy as well.

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