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The internet has changed the way we view our reputations. Nowadays you can search just about any of your friends, find out what they did last weekend and who they did it with. You can find photos, videos and much more from the comfort of your own home. Not only can you do this with friends, but with businesses too.

Want to find a great Chinese food place? Do a quick search on or and within seconds you will have pages of results, all with reviews posted by current or ex-customers. Within seconds you will make long- term decisions about a business that you may have never even seen, except for a picture on a computer screen.

While this advance in technology has allowed us to connect on a level never before possible, it has also brought with it a laundry list of detriments. The problem isn’t the technology itself, but the speed with which it enters our lives.

The internet has turned into the American Wild West of old. The expansion of the internet is outrunning and outgunning law enforcement, social norms and ethics. Anybody with an internet connection and a keyboard can say anything they want to, about whomever they want to, and avoid any type of criminal punishment.

Imagine a world where it was possible for a major corporation to send a single email to Youtube forcing them to remove 50,000 videos due to copyright infringement. While in that same world, if someone were to post a scandalous video of you or your family, you would have no legal power to remove it. Seems like an unfair and lopsided world doesn’t it? Welcome to the current internet age that we live in.

Hackers, angry customers, competitors, ex-spouses and other malicious types are all able to take advantage of the loopholes in legal protection that should be protecting businesses and everyday people alike from fraudulent, slanderous and sometimes violent communication on the web.

Unfortunately, the law has lagged behind the expansion of the internet. Just like those pioneer towns of the American Wild West, we as internet users and businesses must find a way to keep our businesses, reputation and livelihoods safe from others.

This Is Where Reputation Management Comes In

This video ecourse will reveal some extremely important information about online reputation every business, regardless of whether it is online or local, including real estate agents, should know.

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