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Congratulations Local Offline Business Website Owners!

NOTE: What I am about to say is not because we are trying to sell you a website; regardless of how old, new, or in need of an upgrade your current site is. On the contrary, it’s about helping you increase profits from the website you currently own, or plan to have built. So please take time to absorb all of the following information, it could both benefit and enlighten you whether you take action on it or not.

I congratulate you on being wise enough to have invested in your own business website. Websites are a wise investment because the internet is where local people search for businesses like yours. Your website is your own piece of internet real estate, you control it, no-one can take it from you, especially if you own the domain name and keep backups of your site.

Yes, you may have a “Facebook” page, a “Twitter” account, a “Google My Business” listing with maps, and listings on a host of other online properties, but you don’t own or control them. They are constantly changing, without your approval or consent. Most of the changes are to increase their profits, not yours. These are not criticisms, but facts. These sites and platforms should be seen and used as tools that lead to at least 1 or 2 outcomes that benefit you: a direct contact from the visitors, or a visit to your website, where you control everything; especially getting their contact information, which would serve you now and in the future. Getting their visitors, followers, or fans to your website takes away all of the distractions found on all of those other sites and platforms. Your website should be your salesperson, appointment taker, information distributor, and a host of other things.

Standing Out From The Crowd

Regardless of what type or offline niche you are in, when people need services like yours they search the internet, because phonebooks are dead. Where do they search first? The almighty Google, grabbing 87.69% of all local searches, then Bing (6.49%), and then Yahoo (3.11%). What do most searchers look for first? A telephone number, and then a website. Most will visit 5-10 sites, so my question to you is, “what separates or makes your site standout from your local competitors?” 

Though you have a website, you are probably like over 85% of local offline businesses who don’t use their websites to its fullest potential; especially if you advertise or promote your site, which you certainly should be doing. Let me ask you this question, “why did you invest in a website?” Was your primary goal to share information about you and your company, or was it to get customers, prospects or leads? If your primary goal was to get customers, prospects or leads, the overwhelming majority of local business websites misses the mark by a long distance. And most prospects will not take the time to fill out a traditional contact form, or even call. There needs to be what is called “A Pattern Interruption” within your website in order to capture and collect their information.

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Local offline businesses that can benefit the most...

Medical & Health Offices • Chiropractors • Dental & Orthodontist Practices • Attorneys & Law Firms • Fitness Centers • Contractors & Builders • Salons & Spas • Financial Services Offices • Repair Shops • Auto Dealers • Auto Repair Services • Major Purchases Salespeople • Insurance Agencies • Real Estate Agents & Agencies • Accountants • Optometrist • Eye Care Centers • Mortgage Brokers • Veterinarians • Pet Care Services • Personal Trainers • Car Care Services • Lawn Care Services • Landscaping Services • Dermatologist • Massage Therapist • Sports Therapist • Barber Shops • Hair & Nail Salons • Elderly Care Services • Child Care Services • Private Schools • Martial Arts & Other Classes • and many more!

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